Post Marathon tips for better health


It is essential for runners to have psychological skills training as part of their daily routine. Such training requires a substantial amount of time to get integrated well. Some runners might try different things mentally and physically and not prove beneficial because changing things at the last minute can result in stress. Mental preparation is as hard as physical preparation, which needs to be addressed by runners.

Muscles, hormones, tendons, cells and almost every physiological system is pushed to the maximum during a marathon. During the post-marathon period, it takes about two weeks for the body to restore to its full strength.

Recovery tips and tricks by health experts-

·         Eat healthy nutrition

·         Deep tissue massage: helps you to recover in areas that are injured/bothering you

·         Epsom Salt Bath: Self massage an hour before bed; soak in hot/warm bath with 3 cups Epsom salt for 10-15 minutes. After soaking, stretch well and relax

·         Abhyanga (Ayurvedic oil massage): Recommended by the Council of Maharishi Ayurveda Physicians, this massage needs to be done before exercise. It helps in toning your muscles, better blood circulation and prevention of injury or strain

·         Skin massage: ideal for rejuvenating cells

Post-race nutrition-

To regenerate strength after completing a marathon, it is vital to get the right nutrition. Carbohydrates such as low-fibre foods, milk shakes, fruit smoothies ensure your muscle glycogen stores are restored. Protein rich foods are easy to digest; therefore, liquid meal supplements or low-fat flavoured milk are advisable to repair muscles.

In the mental preparation of a marathon, the focus of the runner ideally should be on finishing the race rather than having a specific completion position in mind. It is all about enjoying the experience of running a marathon, and all the emotions that go with it. Recovery from marathon is often been neglected by runners. It is important for them to understand that they are not only increasing an injury risk but also affecting their total marathon recovery time, and thus, making it harder to stay healthy.


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