A Few Stray Thoughts-12.2.17

For One more weekend a few Sportingly Stray thoughts for sports lovers all over.

Like Whenever I write on Cricket my friends ask why only cricket only  and whenever I do not write on cricket my friends grumble what about cricket.

Like starting with Cricket,  Blind Men’s  World cup T-20 is being played in India and arch rivals India and Pakistan are in finals and no blind media frenzy on that like it happens otherwise between India v/s Pak.

Like there is a test match going on between India and Bangladesh and no body is bunking the office nor following it on internet shows how important and how competitive it is, though, surprisingly stadium looked quite full at Hyderabad reminded me of Kolkata crowd who would watch each and every fixture at Eden Garden whosoever may be opponent .

Like India scoring almost seven hundred on flat wicket was as routine news as Sharad Pawar ji winning in Baramati elections.

And like Virat Kohli scoring two hundred against BD was as usual as Amir Khan giving another hit.

And like though it is not as usual to score four double hundreds in four consecutive series.

Like when one of the record holders being Don Bradman it must be  unusually difficult.

And that Bangla Desh replying with about 400 is also unusual especially compared to England who had visited recently couldn’t even score 200 in most of the innings.

And that Bangla Desh has almost played for ten years of Test Cricket and still on probation means there is something wrong with their class, especially when all the training techniques and Sports technology is available all over world at the same time in era of internet rather Google nowadays,  unlike in 1950s when only few countries had access to it.

And that South Africa has beaten SL in ODI  5-0 to become no.1 does not guarantee that they will win next world cup rather it’s a guarantee they won’t make even finals.

And like becoming no. one on points basis is different from winning a tournament and this has something to do with psyche and confidence and SA may be in bottom half  as far as these attributes are concerned.

And that Ashwin has become fastest to achieve 250 wickets in Test shows he has the class of great off Spinner Erapalli Prasanna and mind well he does not have a Tennis ball cricket  allowed action as Murali had.

And like I don’t remember  Ashwin deceiving a batsman like Pras did. Tolchard’s leg side stumping by Kirmani off Prasanna was one of the many incidences where best batsman were pickpocketed by Prasanna time and again and most of them must have pulled out their hair only after seeing the action replay.

And that Ashwin has overtaken fast bowler Dennis Lillie who earlier held this record looked far more penetrative and far more devastating and this is not a typical our time was great argument . For  majority statistics is god though.

And finally with Supreme court appointing four persons committee to overlook BCCI working is a right step though it’s always a difficult choice to make between ‘A company managed  by honest men not making any profit and a company managed by not so honest making huge profits.’

And see you next week with few more honestly sporting thoughts not exclusive on cricket by not so honest man like me.








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