With India winning the one day series against England and Australian open entering 4th round, few  stray thoughts for you once again, just  when 3rd weekend of NewYear has begun.

Like in second one-day Yuvraj came back with a superb hundred and now is being branded as comeback man, a tag attached to Mohinder Amernath (Jimmy)  earlier, many in our generation can recall.
And that Jimmy  as determined as Jammy (Rahul) , must have made more comebacks and performed more consistently against best bowlers in the world on bowling wickets with worst and partial umpires at the helm.
Like Mohinder did perform in all forms of cricket but did not have the fan following even ten percent of what Yuvi had, rather he had anti-fan following especially in Mumbai and for some bizarre reasons.
Like Yuvi has done well mostly in shorter forms of cricket and has huge fan club and that comes with not only performances but also glamour and it’s probably got something to do with the personality and looks  and that’s it.
And like in the same match  MSD scored brilliant hundred meant England had bad day with two big hitters of India doing well in the  same match. It’s somewhat like Richards and Lara in form in same innings and you can absolve England bowlers.
And that I still feel, Yuvraj and MSD should not take this knock as their peak time in cricket, prompting them to postpone retirement but rather pre-pone it while they are momentarily or temporarily  on top in constantly changing fortunes in current cricket.
And like its always important to make way for youngsters and let captain build team of future than hold on to seat and delay the careers of hopefuls who could never get chance if not now.
And I am sure MSD knows this more than anybody in Indian cricket and will probably not linger around like Kapil did it knowingly or unknowingly   or Sachin almost did, knowingly.
And that  now Aussie’s are coming after beating Pakistan in Australia three nil, could spoil India’s dream run and Kohli will have to tackle them  knowingly.
And unlike  in cricket, there is tremendous competition in Tennis,  with Djokovic already out and I am sure most of us won’t remember the name of player who defeated him after tournament is over.
And it’s interesting now with Murray leading  the list for  race to top with legend Nadal yet to lose.
And that I would be happy to see Nadal win and make comeback like Yuvi did though this (Nadal) comeback would mean temporary setback for Murray and back to back setback for another legend Federer.
And with prediction none of these stars  will win the Grand Slam down under, with Wawrinka still in,   I would close today’s sporting chapter and see you at next weekend with more backhands and few forehands, neither of which I can play on the court of course.

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