With India winning the first one day under Virat and making one more Sunday of Indians end on happy note few stray shots from me once again

Like beating England in one day is not as easy as beating England in Test.
And like beating England under Kohli was certainly interesting  news than beating England under MSD who had done it time and again in shorter version of game.
And like chasing 350 was no joke even if it was on a flat pitch and with 4 wickets down on 60
And that only Kohli could lead the onslaught in such situations and only he was the unremovable  thorn which ultimately ruined British party.
And like kedar Jadhav was no lesser and I will not be surprised if kedar has done Karun in one day to seal the place of Ajinkya.
And I am sure this is only valid till matches are played in India. once we tour out of subcontinent Rahane won’t have any competition neither from karuns nor from kedar.
And Virat has proved all laws of Universe are applicable to human beings only and law of averages including and certainly he is not human being but a super human being.
And that Virat six today on the backdoot looked a delicately merciless copybook backfoot shot which could be called Virat drive rather than backfoot drive.
And like Virat seems to have concentration of Gavaskar dedication of Dravid power of Dhoni and consistency of Sachin and athletism of Olympian Runner  is no coincidence nor an iota of luck but a result of supreme hard work  and ultimate passion.
And that Amla has scored 100 in Hundredth test is one more  feather in his cap and Younis Khan scoring hundred equaling Gavaskar record of 34 centuries is also a no mean feat though Sunny did it without helmet.
And that Mumbai lost Ranji final made my son less disappointed than Manchester United not winning against Liverpool in EPL.
Like it means team liking has nothing to do with the hometown attachment nowadays but some illogically crazy mindset.
Like football is already taking a grip on young Indian cricket lovers and will continue to grow further to the extent Cooperage will see more crowds than Wankhede and Indian football captain getting more sponsors than a cricket captain.
And that this is a good sign for sports  in India
And that now Lodha committee has dealt  a final blow by removing two big office bearers of BCCI was like demonetisation of BCCI scrapping two big currencies of Cricket controlling body.
And with more currencies of BCCI likely to be scrapped recession would soon grip the cricketing republic  of India before new genuine and non duplicable cricketing currencies come in circulation .
See you next week with some more ruthlessly gentle backfoot shots but not as powerful as Virat’s

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